Human Needs Psychology

Human Needs Psychology

Project Description

According to Anthony Robbins, The Human Needs Psychology enables you to understand the force behind your actions. Those who master the Human Needs have the flexibility to pick their actions reasonably. If you come up short understanding your needs, you experience life with feelings of frustrations and stress. Anthony Robbins says we do what we do because, consciously or unconsciously, we believe that we can meet at least one or two needs.

What are The Six Human Needs?

CERTAINTY– You need assurance and comfort to a specific level by experiencing some pleasure and avoid pain. Those who have total certainty usually feel bored.

UNCERTAINTY/VARIETY– We have a need for adventure, variety and challenges which will trigger us to step out of our comfort zone.

SIGNIFICANCE – Every individual has a need to feel important, unique or needed. People tend to get significance by getting recognition from others.

LOVE/CONNECTION – Everyone has the need to feel some connection with others. Everyone has the need to feel a connection with others. People like to belong to some groups to meeting their needs. Most people would settle for connection and not love in order for them to avoid disappointment.

GROWTH – The first need of the spirit because we either grow or die. Humans need to continuously grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. When we make progress, we feel happy and fulfilled.

CONTRIBUTION – The second spiritual need by which we contribute to others beyond our own needs and give to others. If we do not contribute we will be eliminated by evolution.

The Process:

  • Discover your top needs.
  • The vehicles towards meeting your needs.
  • Install better approaches for addressing your needs reasonably.
  • Guide you to address your needs for growth and contribution.


  • Insight into the force that drives your actions.
  • Select your emotions and actions.
  • Understand yourself and others.
  • Learn better ways to positively affect others.

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