How to Establish Outstanding Relationships

How to Establish Outstanding Relationships

Project Description

According to Anthony Robbins, the quality of your relationships defines the quality of your life. Your relationship plays a critical part in your life. Therefore, it is critical to learn and apply the skills that lead to exceptional relationships. In this workshop, I will focus on some skills and discipline that will empower you to lead effective relationship.


During the workshop I will take you through 3 areas of relationships which are;

  • Relationship with yourself.
  • Your close relationships.
  • Your relationship with others.


  • How to understand your relationships.
  • How to keep away from what may frustrate you.
  • How to enhance your relationships.
  • How to play an effective part in your relationships.

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FEES (INCLUDING: Handouts & Coffee break nibbles):

General Admission: €50
Bring-A-Friend ticket: €40 each
DATE: to be announced
TIME: to be announced
PLACE: to be announced

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