How to establish outstanding relationships

How to establish outstanding relationships


Research reveals that relationship challenges pose a menace to many expat couples. The 2015 Brookfield relocation trend survey states that expats face relationships challenges, including spouse resistance to the international assignment and spouse unemployment, just to name few. When attempting to address relationship challenges, It is important to learn and apply relationship education, which allows you to shift your relationship to initiate joy, happiness, connection, love, and passion.

Passionate empathy.

Passionate empathy is developing a heartfelt understanding with your partner. Passionate empathy enables you and your partner to open up to communication at the same level of emotional intensity. It also means understanding and appreciating your partner’s emotional patterns, fears, desires, values and preferences without interpretation. You place yourself in your partner’s position to feel what they feel.

It is important to constantly measure to what level you truly understand your partner. Do you score high and lead a passionate relationship? If that is the case, congratulations.

If you score low and you face some challenges, it is high time you started learning and applying some proven relationship skills and strategies.

In order to have passionate empathy for your partner, you first need to have passionate empathy for yourself. When you understand yourself, it becomes much easier to understand your partner. In order to develop passionate empathy with your partner, you need to put your lover first.

Put your lover first.

Putting your lover first means the practice of being selfless. You decide to put your lover’s needs first. Instead of criticizing or blaming your partner, you commit to finding the best ways to give love and passion to your partner. Your partner opens up emotionally so that you both can connect at a deeper level. You need to find ways on how to love and please your partner.

I do believe that intimacy is about giving love. The moment you give love, you will instantly feel it. Putting your partner first is the basis for initiating passion in your relationship and in the generations to come. Your children will model you, therefore it is important to lead by example.

Meet your partner’s needs at a higher level.

Giving your partner what they really need is a core skill in all relationships. After getting a certain level of empathy with your partner, it is time to discover the force that shapes your partner’s actions and behaviors. Your task is to discover and meet your partner’s needs. You need to work together to discover those needs and find healthy ways to meet them.

Always love your partner regardless of what happens.

Loving no matter what will enable you to embrace the power of love and passion. Your task is to remain open and present for your partner, even during most painful situations. The biggest danger that relationships face is when one or both partners withhold love. This means when one or both partners run their relationship at levels 1 or 2. When you indulge in behaviors of criticism, judgment, blame or rejection, the relationship will start to deteriorate. If you commit to staying emotionally connected with your partner, no matter what, there will never be room for hostility, judgment or rejection. Your relationship will flourish regardless of your living conditions when you commit to love your partner no matter what.

Relationships play a crucial role in your life because you usually take part in a relationship. According to Anthony Robbins, “The quality of your relationships defines the quality of your life.” It is therefore essential to work on improving your relationships constantly.

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